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At Wesley Healthcare, we value the time, enthusiasm and compassion our volunteers offer our patients and staff. Learn more about our volunteering requirements and expectations.

Volunteer at Wesley!

Wesley Medical Center is proud to give community members seeking volunteer opportunities the chance to play an integral role for our team. We strive to make the best experience possible for our patients and guests by providing support and non-clinical care through compassion, quality care and teamwork. Our volunteers provide thousands of hours each year to help support our hospital. While we cannot provide direct medical assistance, we do give that extra level of customer service to our patients, guests and staff every day. There are many opportunities available, ranging from working at an information desk, assisting families in the emergency department, helping escort patients and guests around the hospital and much more!

Adult volunteer requirements

Please carefully review the Wesley volunteer program requirements prior to applying. If you have specific questions concerning the program, you may reach us at (316) 962-2100 during regular business hours.

  • The Wesley volunteer program requires an individual commitment. We do not offer group volunteer opportunities or one-time volunteer opportunities.
  • The application process includes a personal interview, criminal background check, submission of personal health records and successful completion of volunteer orientation(s).
  • Please note that Wesley does not accept volunteers for court mandated volunteer hours.
  • Wesley has a mandatory influenza vaccination policy during flu season.
  • Volunteers agree to maintain a regular schedule of at least four shifts per month.
  • Volunteers agree to a minimum commitment level of 4 shifts per month and 60 total hours of volunteer services before separating from the program. This typically takes approximately six months.

Volunteer opportunities

We offer a variety of volunteer experiences based on our hospital needs. Our volunteers commit to a consistent and ongoing schedule.

Our volunteers serve in a variety of areas:

  • Transporting patients and visitors
  • Delivery of flowers/mail
  • Information Desks
  • Pediatric Surgery Waiting Room
  • Guest Greeter
  • Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER
  • Emergency Department
  • Pediatrics
  • Ronald McDonald Family Room
  • Admissions
  • No One Dies Alone Program (NODA)
  • Shuttle Care-A-Van Drivers
  • Pet Therapy (TDI certified)
  • Children are Special Pillows
  • +More!

We are currently full on our cuddler program and have a waiting list.

Please note that not all opportunities are available at all times and no spot is guaranteed. We try our best to place you based on your interests and our needs.

Steps to becoming a Wesley volunteer

The importance of the safety and health of our patients is our top priority. That’s why we follow a specific set of steps to review and approve volunteer applications.

Step one

Apply. Please download the volunteer application by clicking the button below. You can complete the form electronically or complete by hand. Once finished, please print and mail the completed application to: Wesley Volunteer Services, 550 N. Hillside St., Wichita, KS 67214.

Teen applicants should not apply here. Please see separate instructions below.

Adult Volunteer Application

Step two

Interview. Once we have reviewed your application, someone will reach out to schedule a personal interview. Interviews are conducted between the hours 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

Step three

Gather any of the following personal health information listed below and bring it with you to your personal interview, along with your application. If you do not have the required immunization records, your options for obtaining either the records or the immunizations will be discussed with you at the time of the interview. Please do not incur any costs associated with these requirements prior to your interview and acceptance into the program.

  • Proof of two (2) MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) immunizations since birth or lab work indicating immunity to MMR. Applicants born prior to 1957 may be exempt from this requirement. If you do not have access to this record, we will discuss your options at your interview.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing and/or screening will depend on your assignment. If you have TB skin test results or blood titer results from within the past year, please bring those records with you to your interview. If you do not have current records, your options will be discussed at your interview. Volunteers with patient contact must meet a 2-step testing requirement. All volunteers will complete a TB Risk Assessment survey annually. If you have previously tested positive during TB testing, please bring the results of your most recent chest X-ray.
  • Flu Shot Vaccination is required during flu season (November 1-April 1). Our volunteers are required to have the flu shot if volunteering during this time frame.

Next steps

Based on the interview and the hospital's current volunteer needs, you may be accepted and asked to complete a background check.

An online orientation will then be sent to you via email along with a corresponding quiz and confidentiality agreement. Please read carefully, as there are many important details about our hospital and our program.

After completing the application, background screening, online orientation and providing required health information, you will be ready to start as a scheduled volunteer. Additional training will be provided by the department in which you volunteer.

Please note that Wesley does not accept volunteers for court mandated volunteer hours.

We appreciate your interest in sharing your time with our patients and staff at all of our Wesley campuses!

Contact volunteer services

For additional information on volunteering at Wesley, please call us at (316) 962-2100 during regular business hours. If you are interested in the VolunTeen program, please call in February for more information.

Wesley VolunTeen Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Please read each step carefully before submitting your application. If you have questions regarding the VolunTeen process, please call Volunteer Services at (316) 962-2100. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Applications will only be accepted Monday, April 2-Friday, April 13. Any application submitted after May 3th, 2024 at 5 p.m. is late and may not be considered. Applications can be dropped off in guest and volunteer services or mailed to:

Volunteer Services
550 N. Hillside
Wichita, KS 67214

VolunTeen requirements

  • Teen must be 16 years old by June 1, 2024 and have completed their freshman year of high school by the end of the 2023-2024 school year in order to be considered.
  • Teen must have all paperwork submitted by Friday, April 13th at 5:00 p.m.
  • Teen will be contacted in the following weeks to set up a time for an interview.

Please enclose the following in your application:

  1. Information sheet
  2. Availability sheet
  3. A copy of school records showing your GPA from the previous semester
  4. A letter of recommendation from a professional reference (teacher, advisor, job supervisor)
  5. A copy of school immunization record as required by the Kansas School System, including booster for measles, mumps and MMR

Teen Volunteer Application

By submitting my application below, I understand that if accepted:

  • I am responsible for arriving on time to my assignment. If I know I will be late or cannot show up to my assignment, I will let the volunteer coordinator know as soon as possible.
  • I must come to my assigned shift with the correct uniform: red VolunTeen polo, khaki pants, closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes, a badge and a neat, clean appearance. If I wear jeans, shorts, leggings or anything that is not standard uniform, I understand that I will be asked to leave for the day.
  • No dangling jewelry or facial jewelry permitted. Fingernails must be trimmed and neat.
  • I cannot ask for a letter of recommendation unless I have given 30 hours of service to the hospital.
  • I will not use my cell phone during my volunteer assignment, especially while I am in the presence of a patient, guest or employee.
  • An annual flu shot is required and documentation must be on file in the Volunteer Services office if I volunteer from Nov. 1-April 1. Flu mist is not acceptable.
  • Volunteering in in a hospital setting means there is a slight risk that I may be exposed to an infectious disease. Precautions are discussed as a part of the orientation process, but as there is for all employees, there will be a risk and I agree to hold Wesley Healthcare harmless in case of exposure.

    By filling out the online form, this will signify as my signature as well as my parent's signature that I/we understand that any violations of these standards may affect my ability to volunteer at Wesley. And that I/we have read and abide by the previous statements of standards. The entry date of this form entry will reside on the form log as proof of acceptance of this contract.