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Current residents

Want to know more about Wesley Healthcare's current pharmacy residents? Read to discover their education, background and interests.

Joanna He, PharmD, BCPS, PGY-2 Critical Care Pharmacy Resident

The pharmacists at Wesley Medical Center are extremely hands on, playing an integral role in all aspects of patient care, including policy/protocol development, multidisciplinary rounding, codes, and traumas. I have the opportunity to learn from extremely knowledgeable preceptors who are passionate about their practice and teaching. My preceptors afford me with autonomy, allowing me to be just as involved with the team as they are, as well as with support whenever needed. Having moved halfway across the country for PGY-2 residency, I have enjoyed being included as part of the critical care team from day one.

Education and Training: Mercer University College of Pharmacy, PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital


  • Professional: Medical intensive care
  • Personal: Traveling, hiking, bullet journaling, watching period dramas/historical TV shows

Research Project: Phytonadione Utilization and the Risk of Bleeding in Chronic Liver Disease

Contact: Email Joanna He

Katie White, PharmD, PGY-1 Pediatric Pharmacy Resident

Here at Wesley Medical Center, pharmacists serve as essential members of the health care team and significantly contribute to the direct care of our patients. I have the pleasure of being the pediatric resident, which consists of a variety of pediatric rotations and experience with a diverse patient population, while also having notable exposure to adult medicine. One of my favorite things about Wesley is the long-standing relationships and mutual respect between the pharmacy team and other healthcare providers. My transition from a student into a practicing clinician has been fostered by the care of our pharmacists and their dedication to shape the residents into the best health care providers we can be. It’s clear to me that the people at WMC are at work producing well-rounded pharmacists with the skills to lovingly care for their patients and intently support their colleagues.

School: Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy


  • Professional: Pediatrics, critical care, pulmonology
  • Personal: Cooking (eating), hiking, playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with friends and family

Research Project: Resistance Patterns of Gram-Negative Pathogens in Late-Onset Sepsis in NICU Patients

Contact: Email Katie White

Dakota Denton, PharmD

Pharmacists are a vital and valued part of the health care team at Wesley Medical Center. I have been interested in the residency program at Wesley since my rotations here as a student. I was able to experience what it is like to be part of an interprofessional team working towards a common goal. Pharmacists at Wesley are highly involved in patient care. As a resident, with the guidance of wonderful preceptors, am able to take an active role in patient care. The people, culture, and experiences are all reasons I decided to continue to be part of the Wesley pharmacy team!

School: University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, Wichita Campus


  • Professional: Critical care, emergency medicine
  • Personal: Kansas City football (Go Chiefs!), playing board games with friends, and trying new recipes

Research Project: Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on Time to Anion Gap Closure in Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Contact: Email Dakota Denton

Sara Dreiling, PharmD

As a student on rotations, I was able to observe first-hand the importance of interdisciplinary teams and the impact pharmacists can have on patient care. Wesley Medical Center offers a wide variety of experiences and numerous opportunities for growth, all of which helped guide my interest of becoming a clinical pharmacist. Preceptors show extensive dedication to residents so that they may complete their residency as a well-rounded and competent pharmacist that will in turn show the same dedication to patients and future pharmacists.

School: University of Kansas School of Pharmacy


  • Professional: Internal medicine
  • Personal: Crafts, reading, puzzles, gardening

Research Project: Time to Resolution of Neutropenia With and Without Therapeutic Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factors

Contact: Email Sara Dreiling

Aubree Houston, PharmD

At Wesley Medical Center the pharmacists are integral members of the interdisciplinary team. As residents we are able to participate in bedside rounds, trauma response, and code blue coverage for both adult and pediatric patients. We have the opportunity to learn from highly knowledgeable preceptors who are dedicated to teaching. The amount of critical care opportunities in both adult and pediatrics is what drew me to Wesley and I feel that here at Wesley I am able to practice at the highest level of my license.

School: Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy


  • Professional: Adult and pediatric critical care
  • Personal: Traveling, Clemson football, reading, and hiking

Research Project: Antiepileptic Drug Practices During the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Multicenter Survey Study

Contact: Email Aubree Houston

Danielle Murray, PharmD

Pharmacists at Wesley are truly a valued and integral part of the care team. Pharmacists practice at the top of our licenses at WMC. I chose Wesley because of the emphasis on having pharmacy at the bedside with a high level of focus on critical care. There are opportunities for vast patient care experiences to explore all possible interests. Everyone is willing to go above and beyond to support each other while allowing autonomy to foster your professional practice. Having the opportunity to respond to codes and traumas provides a unique perspective to pharmacy experience.

School: University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy


  • Professional: Neuro critical care, status epilepticus
  • Personal: Playing with my dog, collecting multicolored pens, and watching movies

Research Project: Evaluation of Early Basal Insulin Administration in Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Contact: Email Danielle Murray

Brock Townsend, PharmD

After having a few of my pharmacy school rotations here, I knew I wanted to be a part of the residency program at Wesley. I was able to see how hands-on pharmacists were in patient care and how they played an integral role as part of the patient care team. The preceptors do an excellent job of knowing how to push you to learn without going over the edge. Wesley also has a wide variety of rotations with exposure to multiple different practice settings including code blue and trauma response. These attributes make Wesley a great place to complete a PGY-1 pharmacy residency.

School: University of Kansas School of Pharmacy


  • Professional: Critical care, emergency medicine, trauma
  • Personal: Hanging out with family and friends, cooking, trying new restaurants/breweries, and watching sports

Research Project: Association of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Administration Timing on Hemostasis Achievement in Warfarin-Associated Intracranial Hemorrhage

Contact: Email Brock Townsend

Peter Tran, PharmD

As a fourth-year student pharmacist, I was able to experience unique rotations at Wesley Medical Center. From the neuro-medical unit to an overnight critical care and emergency medicine rotation, I experienced a whole new side to pharmacy that was foreign to me. It was at this moment that I knew which direction I wanted my career to move towards. The family dynamic that this organization has is a major reason why I knew it was the right place for me. It is an amazing culture which makes me enjoy being at work each day. The program offers a robust critical care experience that allows the residents to continuously learn and grow. At Wesley Medical Center, the different health professions are always willing to collaborate with pharmacists. I knew I wanted to be a part of this kind of team and I am happy and grateful to them for allowing me this amazing opportunity.

School: University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, Wichita Campus


  • Professional: Critical care, emergency medicine
  • Personal: Camping and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen

Research Project: Comparative Analysis of Prospective Pharmacist Order Verification versus Autoverification of Pediatric Medications in Emergency Departments

Contact: Email Peter Tran