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Clinical Pastoral Education

Wesley Healthcare offers several types of Clinical Pastoral Education services. Learn more about the requirements and expectations.

What is Clinical Pastoral Education?

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an action/reflection process of theological education grounded in a person-centered approach to spiritual ministry. The student's educational experience involves providing pastoral care to patients, families and staff as a member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

In a diverse, multi-faith peer group and in consultation with ACPE Certified Educator or Associate Certified Educator, the student evaluates the effectiveness of his or her style of ministry in relation to the theological, cultural, socioeconomic, and psychosocial context of the persons to whom they offer spiritual care. Using the clinical method of learning with its action-reflection-action process, the student deepens self-awareness, pastoral authority, cultural humility, and ministerial skills. Association for Clinical Pastoral Education standards require a minimum of 100 hours of class time and 300 hours of clinical work per CPE Unit.

CPE at Wesley Healthcare

As a Level I trauma center with the region’s only children’s hospitals, and one of the largest hospitals in Kansas, Wesley Medical Center offers a rich clinical context in which CPE Residents and Interns participate as active members of the interdisciplinary care team.

Chaplain residents and interns are fully integrated into Wesley’ Pastoral Care and Education Department. Working closely with an ACPE Certified Educator a committed team of APC Board Certified Chaplains who serve as colleagues and mentors. Chaplain residents and interns provide consistent and high quality spiritual care in a complex and demanding clinical environment. CPE at Wesley Medical Center is dynamic, challenging, and potentially life changing.

Types of CPE offered at Wesley Healthcare

Summer CPE

  • Summer intensive CPE is typically a full-time, 11-week unit of CPE that begins in early June and concludes mid-August. Please call contact number below for the most current information.
  • Summer stipends may be offered
  • Provides one unit of CPE

Extended CPE

  • Fall and Spring Extended Units offer the training of an intensive unit within a part time structure.
  • Programs begin in August and in January
  • Provides one unit of CPE

CPE Residency

  • CPE Residency is a full time, yearlong program that provides four units of CPE, the minimum required for certification by the Association of Professional Chaplains.
  • Stipend and benefits provided
  • Preference: one unit of CPE and master of divinity or equivalent

Supervisory education

  • This is a full-time program for a minimum of 3-5 years.
  • Prerequisite: M.Div. or equivalent, plus four units of CPE
  • Tuition: none

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