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Wesley Leadership Institute

If you're interested in learning about the entire scope of the Wesley organization, consider participating in the Wesley Leadership Institute.

Wesley Leadership Institute was established to develop a cultural shift toward collaborative ownership of quality improvement and continued excellence in care.

The institute's vision is to develop clinical learning teams so the participants can understand the entire scope of the Wesley organization.

Participants meet once per month for 17 months in sessions that include theory and application specific to the learning team. Topics fall under three broad categories:

  • Leadership, including coaching, organizational change, communication and conflict resolution
  • Administration, including finance and strategic planning
  • Research, including quality improvement processes, elimination of waste, coding and documentation, and research development

Outcomes include team development presentations, research presentations and business plans. For more information or to enroll in the next program, call Gina Berg, PhD, MBA, at (316) 962-2393 or email her.