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For more information

For more information about Wesley Children's Hospital, please call.

For more information about Wesley Children's Hospital, please call.

About Wesley Children's Hospital

Our facilities provide a family-centered healing environment to ensure pediatric patients and their families feel comfortable.

Wesley knows you have a choice when selecting a hospital for the care of your child. We are honored that you have chosen Wesley Children's Hospital, and we are privileged to care for your child and family.

Why people choose us

Our hospital is committed to offering advanced healthcare services with a compassionate, patient-focused approach in the Wichita community.

We live here and work here.

We provide high-quality care.

We're part of the Wichita community.

Our specialties

Pediatric ER

Wesley offers the only pediatric ER in the region, staffed by healthcare professionals who specialize in pediatric medicine.

Pediatric ER 

Pediatric ICU

Our 15-bed pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) offers state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible care.

Pediatric ICU 

Pediatric oncology

Our passionate pediatric oncologists and hematologists specialize in the prevention and treatment of pediatric cancer.

Pediatric oncology 

Preparing for your visit

We strive to inform patients about financial expectations regarding healthcare services and prepare them for upcoming procedures.

Patient financial resources

Our hospital is committed to providing useful information to our patients so you can understand the financial side of your healthcare needs.

Register online

We know your time is valuable, so we offer convenient online registration for services such as surgical procedures, mammograms and diagnostic tests and treatments.

Advance care planning

When creating an advance care plan, there are several aspects to consider. That's why we've put together a set of guidelines to help you make your plan.

We are Wesley Children's Hospital

Kids are fighters. When they face a health emergency, they rise to the challenge and show us all what strength really is. We are fighters too. We are Wesley Children's Hospital.

With more than 60 pediatric specialists we help kids fight with the latest technology. In fact, we are the only dedicated Children's hospital and ER in the region.

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