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Trauma center

Trauma centers provide highly-trained physicians, specialists, critical care nurses and support staff who are available around the clock to care for your most serious healthcare needs. Trauma centers often provide burn care for individuals suffering from minor to severe burns.

Trauma care in Wichita, Kansas

When you need care for a serious illness, injury or other condition, our trauma specialists offer expert, timely care.

At our Level 1 Trauma Center, Wesley Medical Center provides highly trained and experienced surgeons, specialists, nurses and support staff who are available to care for all traumatic injuries 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Level II pediatric trauma services

Wesley Children's Hospital is the only verified pediatric trauma center in the state of Kansas. Wesley Pediatric Trauma services provide trauma care with experienced and trained staff and board-certified pediatric specialty-focused surgeons. It is Kansas’s premier hospital for the treatment and care of children who have experienced traumatic injuries. Wesley Medical Center provides 24/7 coverage to evaluate, stabilize, and treat the most severely injured pediatric patients.

Wesley Trauma Talk

Trauma Talk is brought to you by Wesley Trauma Services which is an ACS verified Level 1 Adult & Level 2 Pediatric trauma center located in Wichita, Kansas. On each even Tuesday a new episode is released. We offer a wide variety of guests with expertise in their field.

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EMS outreach

Wesley Medical Center is dedicated to building lasting supportive relationships with EMS services that provide pre-hospital care to the region.

Injury prevention outreach

Wesley Medical Center Trauma Services is dedicated to providing optimal care to the injured patient with the ultimate goal to return patients to an active and quality lifestyle. We are committed to promoting injury prevention to decrease injury in our community and region.

Areas of focus:

  • Fall Prevention
  • Firearm Safety
  • Child Abuse Recognition
  • Bicycle Safety for Kids

Stop the Bleed

STOP THE BLEED® is a nationally recognized program that trains a person to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively. Life-threatening bleeding can happen to people injured in serious accidents, disasters, or even at home. Take the course and become empowered to make a life or death difference when a bleeding emergency occurs. STOP THE BLEED. Save a Life!

Wesley Trauma Services has trained STOP THE BLEED instructors and is able to collaborate with your organization on providing a STOP THE BLEED course your staff, faculty, students, or members. Wesley Trauma Services has taught over 3,400 in our community STOP THE BLEED.

There is no cost for the course.

Wesley Medical Center Trauma Services - What's Your Why?

Wesley Medical Center offers the highest level of adult trauma care to Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding region. Hear why our colleagues choose to be a part of the trauma team, and provide these vital emergency services for members of our community.

Our Trauma center Locations

Wesley Children's Hospital
550 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67214
 (316) 962 - 2000
Wesley Children's Hospital
550 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67214
 (316) 962 - 2000
Wesley Medical Center
550 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67214
 (316) 962 - 2000