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Hyperbaric medicine

Hyperbaric medicine uses increased atmospheric pressure as a treatment method. This commonly involves hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), to provide increased amounts of oxygen to the body and reinforce healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Wichita, Kansas

The Mid-West Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine of Wesley Healthcare has provided care for non-healing wounds since 1986.

Our wound care center in Wichita offers two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which promote maximum healing.

For more information

For more information about our hyperbaric oxygen therapy services, please call.

For more information about our hyperbaric oxygen therapy services, please call.

Our hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) provides air that is highly pressurized and saturated with oxygen. HBOT increases the oxygen that reaches all the cells of the body. This stimulates the growth of new cells and enhances wound healing. It can also assist with certain types of infections.

The therapy is painless, and side effects are usually minor. The patient lies comfortably in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is transparent and cylindrical. The patient can communicate with the attending nurse at all times through a two-way telephone intercom. While receiving therapy, the patient can watch television or a movie or sleep.

Our wound care center has two hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Most HBOT treatments last 90 minutes, but your treatment plan will be determined by several factors.

Possible side effects of HBOT

The risks associated with HBOT are minimal, however, patients may experience:

  • Pressure in the middle ear
  • Temporary changes in vision
  • Fatigue

A chest X-ray of all potential HBOT patients checks for any pre-existing conditions that could lead to lung complications during treatment. Patients with colds or upper respiratory infections may be more likely to have side effects and should delay HBOT, except in the case of an emergency

Diabetic patients may experience a sudden drop in blood sugar during HBOT. Therefore, blood sugar levels are checked just before treatment. If the levels are low, HBOT is postponed.

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