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Radiation therapy

An oncologist is a type of doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. One type of treatment an oncologist may use is radiation therapy, which destroys cancer cells through beams of strong energy.

Radiation oncology program in Wichita, Kansas

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Wesley Healthcare’s radiation oncologists use some of the most advanced forms of radiation therapy for cancer care.

If your Wesley oncologist recommends radiation oncology as a cancer treatment, rest assured you will receive state-of-the-art care in Wichita, Kansas.

Have cancer questions?

We can help. askSARAH is a dedicated, confidential helpline for your cancer-related questions. Our specially trained nurses are available 24/7.

We can help. askSARAH is a dedicated, confidential helpline for your cancer-related questions. Our specially trained nurses are available 24/7.

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What is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy, also called radiation oncology, uses beams of energy to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells. Our radiation therapists use protective measures to shield healthy tissues from radiation exposure.

Radiation therapy may be used alone or in combination with other treatments in cancer care, such as surgery or chemotherapy.

If a child needs radiation therapy for pediatric cancer, he or she may come to the pediatric sedation/infusion unit before the procedure to make the treatment more comfortable for him or her.

Types of radiation therapy

Wesley’s radiation oncologists use the most advanced radiological technology to diagnose and treat cancer. With advanced imaging tools, our specialists pinpoint the exact location requiring radiation therapy, which ensures an accurate, healthy treatment.

With two linear accelerators, we enable precision therapy with recording and verification of treatment sessions.

We offer a variety of state-of-the-art radiation techniques, including:

  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT): This system uses CT, MRI and PET imaging with computer-aided treatment planning.
  • 3D conformal radiation therapy: This 3D therapy reduces the risk of radiating healthy tissue.
  • Brachytherapy: We offer both low-dose and high-dose rate modalities for brachytherapy.


The Varian Edge® Radiosurgery System offers patients a fast, effective surgical option for treating tumors without incisions or the need for overnight hospital stays. Wesley is the first and only hospital in southeast Kansas to offer the Edge® system for cancer treatment.

Treatments are done on an outpatient basis and are typically completed within the same week, usually taking one to five sessions. Each session usually lasts less than an hour.

With the Edge®, a wide range of tumors that are typically difficult to reach with traditional surgery can be targeted and treated with power and precision. The technology may be used to treat tumors found in the lung, brain, spine and other areas throughout the body.

The system works by delivering large, targeted doses of radiation to obliterate cancer cells. To accurately deliver the recommended amount of radiation, the beam treats each part of the tumor from many different angles. Using precise beam sculpting and a real-time tracking system, clinicians are able to deliver high radiation doses to destroy the tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

To learn more about radiosurgery, please talk to your doctor or call a Wesley oncology nurse navigator at (316) 962-7087.

What is the Varian Edge Radiosurgery System?

How does Radiosurgery change the patient treatment experience? Dr. Ellen Cooke, MD describes the Varian Edge Radiosurgery system.

About Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute

As part of Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare, our family of hospitals provides comprehensive cancer services with convenient access to cutting-edge therapies for people facing cancer in our communities. From diagnosis to treatment and survivorship care, our oncology expertise ensures you have access to locally trusted care with the support of a globally recognized network.

askSARAH helpline

Have cancer questions? We can help. askSARAH is a dedicated helpline for your cancer-related questions. Our specially trained nurses are available 24/7, and all calls are confidential. Contact askSARAH at (316) 776-6470.

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