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Emergency care

Emergency care is the treatment of unexpected, severe medical injuries or infections. It is typically delivered in an emergency room or an ambulance. Our emergency medicine physicians stabilize your condition as quickly as possible to prepare you for the next step of care or discharge.

24-hour emergency care in Wichita, Kansas

You deserve advanced emergency care as quickly as possible when a medical emergency arises.

Wesley Healthcare’s emergency room (ER) doctors and care providers are available 24/7 to give you advanced, compassionate care. We treat a variety of conditions, including heart attacks, stroke, abdominal pain, bone fractures and other severe illnesses or injuries.

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Wesley Emergency Care Network Emergency rooms ERs in Wichita Kansas

Wesley Healthcare is proud to treat more than 65,000 patients from Kansas and northern Oklahoma annually in our five emergency rooms.

We provide the following ER locations in the Greater Wichita area:

If you or a loved one are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or come to the nearest ER.

Level I Trauma Center

Wesley Medical Center is a Level I Trauma Center with board-certified emergency physicians, physician assistants and nurses who are specially trained in advanced life-support and emergency treatment. Our trauma center is fully equipped to handle any life-threatening trauma condition or injury, working closely with emergency medical services (EMS) teams to provide seamless, high-quality treatment.

In addition to providing trauma care, we promote injury prevention and community education on safety.

Pediatric friendly emergency services

If your little one needs advanced emergency care, we offer pediatric emergency services at any of our Wesley Healthcare emergency rooms across the Wichita region.

At Wesley Children’s Hospital, our Pediatric ER includes a team of emergency medicine physicians, as well as nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and child life specialists who are committed to creating an encouraging and nurturing environment for children and their loved ones.

Chest Wall Injury Program

The Chest Wall Injury Program at Wesley Healthcare provides state-of-the-art care to patients with chest wall injury and thoracic trauma. As the region’s only chest wall program, Wesley’s program provides high-quality, evidence-based care for thoracic injuries and disorders. Our highly experienced team of trauma surgeons surgically stabilizes patients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

For more information about our Chest Wall Injury Program, please call (316) 962-2000.

As a Level 1 Trauma Center, Wesley Medical Center offers 24/7 care 365 days a year and performs the region's highest volume of rib fracture repair. Our dedicated rib fracture surgical team utilizes cutting-edge rib plating technology and is current with the latest rib fracture care recommendations. As a result, we offer the expertise necessary to treat the most complex injuries and conditions, including:

  • Complex rib and sternal fractures
  • Flail Chest
  • Slipped rib syndrome
  • Retained hemothorax/empyema
  • Pulmonary parenchymal injury
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  • Severe lung failure after trauma

Why choose rib fracture repair?

  • Decreased ICU days and mortality
  • Shorter duration of mechanical ventilation
  • Decreased need for tracheostomy
  • Shorter hospital length of stay
  • Improved pain control and return to activity
  • Lower incidence of pneumonia

What to expect in the ER

Upon check-in at the reception desk, the triage nurse will ask the patient about symptoms and medical history to determine the severity of the medical condition. Triage is a process that helps determine which patients need to be seen sooner because of the severity of their condition. Patients with life-threatening conditions will be treated first. Depending on your condition, you may be:

  • Taken immediately to a room for examination and treatment. A doctor, physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner will examine you and plan your care.
  • Taken to an area for laboratory tests or X-rays. There may be a waiting period of 30 minutes to two hours until tests or X-ray results are available.
  • Asked to take a seat in the waiting room until a healthcare provider or the type of room appropriate for your condition is available.

Our ER locations

No matter what kind of medical emergency you are experiencing, visit any of the five ERs offered by Wesley Emergency Care Network. All of our emergency rooms in Wichita, Kansas provide comprehensive emergency care.

Our locations in east, west and central Wichita are open 24/7, with the exception of our pediatric ER at Wesley Children's Hospital ER, which is open daily from noon to midnight. However, children can be seen in any Wesley Healthcare ER.

Please remember: if you have an illness or injury that you believe is life-threatening or will seriously harm you within 12 to 24 hours without a doctor's care, you should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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Gloria and Willem Travaille share their Wesley Healthcare emergency room experience.

Our Emergency care Locations

Wesley Derby ER
2648 N Rock Rd
Derby, KS 67037
 (316) 962 - 9500
Wesley Derby ER
2648 N Rock Rd
Derby, KS 67037
 (316) 962 - 9500
Wesley Children's Hospital
550 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67214
 (316) 962 - 2000
Wesley Medical Center
550 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67214
 (316) 962 - 2000